My Stuffed Puppy by Katya

Posted November 29th, 2009 by katya

My stuffed puppy was clean as brand new but now it is so dirty. Wow, my mom really needs to wash it. It hasn’t had a bath for a long time.

I bought it in a store called Fry’s. There was only one of them and I took it and I asked my mom.

My mom said, “No.”

Then I said, “Please please, mom, please please?”

My mom said, “Yes.”

Then I asked my dad; he always says no. I asked my dad, “Can I buy this puppy?”

He said, “No.”

I said, “Please please, mom said I can, please.”

He said, “No.”

“Please please!”

He said, “No.”

I asked him more and then he said, “OK” and then I was so so so so so so so so so so happy!

It looked like a real puppy that’s so cute and cuddly. I thought in my mind her sparkling black eyes made it look cute. I put something on for a collar, but now I don’t put collars on any more because right now I think it chokes her and she doesn’t like it to. And after I took her to lots of places. She came wherever I went.

But one day there was a party in my preschool. I brought my puppy. I ran around, then went home after the party. When I was going home, I remembered something.

“Oh no,” I thought, “I left my puppy!”

Then we went back. It wasn’t there. Then after a few days, I went back to my preschool and someone had it and I got my puppy back. I was happy.

After a long time, it got so dirty, but I still love it no matter what.


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  1. babbers

    What a nice story. I loved it.


  2. panini

    This is a great story Katya. I want to read more like it.


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